Commercial Analysis

Our support in commercial analysis helps businesses understand the profitability by component e.g. product group, customer etc, as well as the root causes of changes in operational performance to enable informed commercial decision making

What we do

As businesses develop and grow, often the “business as usual” reporting and analysis is unable to fully explain unusual or sustained changes in financial and operational KPIs.

We can assist with manipulation of large disparate data-sets to create summary views of insightful information for you and your teams, enabling appropriate actions and decisions to be taken. We can also embed this activity in your ongoing business reporting to ensure it is sustainable.

How we can help you

We can work with your team to undertake one-off analysis or develop a supporting tool for ongoing use. Examples include:

  • Margin analysis including customer profitability
  • Revenue bridging
  • Asset utilisation
  • Overhead allocation approach
  • Pipeline and sales forecasting
  • Customer contract analysis
  • ROI analysis

Swan’s ability to analyse a business and present numbers with increased integrity was excellent.

FD, PE portfolio business

Featured Work

Please click to view summaries of featured client work.  We will tailor our work with you to deliver the support and input you require.