Reporting and KPI Development

Our support helps clients to develop regular financial and operational reporting on the things that drive performance. Our work enables the management team to make informed decisions based on timely and effective information, understanding the past but focusing on the future. This may form part of improving Board Reports, developing KPIs or management information.

What we do

Effective reporting is underpinned by timely information inputs, insightful analysis and clear outputs, enabling decision makers to understand key business trends and identify potential issues before they occur.

Board and Management reporting should provide historic information and give an indication of future performance. We can assist in defining fit for purpose operational and financial KPIs and lead indicators based on understanding what truly drives value in the business.

Our user-friendly dashboards identify areas of reporting requiring action or improvement and are underpinned by a bottom up analysis of the existing reporting within the business.

How we can help you

Board Reporting

Typically we will work with your teams to:

  • Confirm with key Company stakeholders their requirements
  • Review the existing Board Pack and MI to understand any gaps in the existing reporting, and how best to structure the Board Pack.

We will consider:

  • Logical flow of the Board Pack
  • Use of exception reporting to enable Board time to be focused on key issues, enabling attention on forecast and strategy
  • Consideration of the value drivers of the business to enable the Board Pack to reference the equity story and report against this
  • Use of a high level KPI dashboard, including relevant KPIs
  • Where relevant, inclusion of LTM charts and tracking against budget
  • Improving clarity of existing reporting
  • Agreement on a high level structure of the Board Report and the Management Pack
  • Agreement of reporting dimensions, e.g. entity, sector
  • Confirmation of the analysis of pipeline, opportunities, revenue and profitability to be included, split by relevant dimensions
  • Agreement of the best mix of text, tables and charts
  • Creation a milestone plan which will make clear how the Board Report will be populated with information that is immediately available, but also show where there are gaps in the information and when these will be populated – and by whom
  • Support the process to embed production of new reporting in business as usual activity and enable integration with data management tools e.g. PowerBI, Adaptive

KPI Development 

Typically we will work with your teams to:

  • Review of existing management information to assess the current reporting of KPIs and understand internal stakeholder requirements
  • Walk through of the current customer journey from the management action that leads to the first interaction with the customer e.g. marketing campaign
  • Identification and confirmation of KPIs and lead indicators at each step that give an indication of future P&L and cash performance
  • Identification of dimensions by which to cut the data e.g. Product Category, Business Division, Marketing Channel, Client, Vintage
  • Identification of the data points required to measure the KPIs and lead indicators

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