Cash Management

Our support provides user friendly financial models which can be used for a variety of functions including: business planning, performance enhancement, profitability analysis and cashflow forecasting and banking covenant compliance

What we do

Understanding cash flow is critical for any business to enable effective cash management, minimise borrowing and optimise investment decisions. We create bespoke or develop existing cash flow models ensuring that any complexity is proportionate and focusses on those items that drive material amounts of profit and/ or cash.

If management require a better understanding of their immediate cash needs, we can assist with the development of a short term cash flow forecast and update process that allows them to compare actual to forecast and so better understand their cashflow movements, and in turn improve their forecasting.

Where management require a longer term view of operational cashflows we can also assist with the preparation of a driver based integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow forecast. While each model we build is bespoke for the business, our models are built around common core principles.

We understand the need to minimise complexity and preserve “one version of the truth”, in order to give confidence to management and the Board as well as third-party advisors.
Our models are designed and built to be sustainable as an integral part of the financial reporting suite.

How we can help you

While each model we build is bespoke for your business, each model typically includes the following attributes:

  • Monthly driver-based Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecast
  • Capacity for 6 years financials (2 years historics, current year and, 3 years forecast) on a consistent basis
  • P&L and BS drivers and assumptions in one location
  • KPI summaries and lookup graphs to enable easy review and sense check of the forecasts and key trends
  • User Dashboard showing high level summary financial information with ability to switch on and off the transaction
  • Full Sensitivity case vs Base case functionality to enable sensitivities to be run in real time
  • Model variance functionality incorporating automated bridge between Base and Sensitivity cases to aid reporting accountants
  • Update for actuals process so the Model can be maintained and updated efficiently
  • Funding and covenant module with clear covenant definitions and traffic light reports
  • Alternative funding structure scenarios where relevant

We review and test existing models to understand information inputs, outputs, processes and identify opportunities for improvement, and assist with the following:

  • Sensitivity and mitigation functionality to enable the running of scenarios in real time
  • Create a streamlined process for weekly or monthly refresh
  • Analyse actual cash flows and performance to inform forecast view
  • Build short term cashflow output to compare to existing medium term models
  • Build outputs to assist with monitoring STCF performance, e.g. debtor collection
  • Embed the model for ongoing business management

They had a nice style and built a mutual respect with the team.  They were quickly up to speed with the business.

— FD, Services business

Featured Work

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