Tendering & Bid Support

Our support and commercial input facilitates timely and informed bidding and tendering decisions

What we do

Deciding whether to bid and how to structure any bid is critical to ongoing business success. Developing a consistent approach enables an organisation to make faster decisions by focusing on the key value drivers, scenarios and sensitivities.

We support clients in reviewing available tendering information, developing bid models which focus on the drivers of the business. We challenge assumptions used with regard to historic performance on similar contracts and where possible, create a sustainable ongoing tendering process which leverages the Company’s bid experience.

How we can help you

Typically we assist clients with:

  • Review and analysis of available information and historic bid performance
  • Identification of tendering clarification questions
  • Designing and building a bid model with clearly stated assumptions
  • Provide commercial support and challenge of assumptions
  • Develop and run scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Preparation of outputs for Board sign-off

The project went very well.  We continue to use the model and we will do this for the foreseeable future. If we had known about Swan we Swan Partners took the time to understand the brief and absorb what was required, which was absolutely essential for the success of the project.  The check-ins on progress went particularly well.  I was very impressed by the level of service and input.

Director, Public Sector Organisation

Featured Work

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