Financial Analysis

In any Company, there are typically one or two value drivers that are key to understanding the company’s performance to date. These will also underpin the company’s forecast projections and are likely to be the focus for any third party review. For this reason, it is important that these value driver assumptions are supported by clear robust, evidence based analysis.

Areas of analysis could include:

  • Contribution margin by product, category and customer
  • Contract run-off, upsell and churn in a contracts business
  • Normalisation of EBITDA
  • Pipeline conversion and security of revenue
  • Customer lifetime value

We can assist with:

  • Identification of likely areas of focus, analysis and trends
  • Identification of the relevant financial and operational data available in the business
  • Determining how best to analyse the data to demonstrate the value driver or key metric
  • Performing the analysis and preparing clear outputs for third parties